Welcome to Abundant Wellbeing

From frantic to fulfilled

Abundant Wellbeing helps people to improve their quality of life by considering the causes not just the symptoms of their problems. This philosophy is successful when both therapist and client work together, resulting in improving the person’s overall well being.  Sheera King’s exhaustive knowledge and experience, combined with her caring approach sees clients receiving tailored treatments suited to their individual needs.

Life Coaching for Women

Your personal development and wellbeing are important.  Increase your confidence and enjoyment of life.  Identify your real needs and values to be yourself and live a more fulfilling life.

  • Find purpose

  • Feel motivated

  • Grow spiritually

Get the support and guidance you need from Sheera

Courses & Workshops

A number of courses are run throughout the year, including Reiki, meditation and Bach Flower Essences. Tuition is carried out in small, informal groups.

A variety of classes and workshops are available. Exercise classes include Tripudio Movement Systems, designed to stretch and strengthen the body. Tripudio is a combination of movements from Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, dance and Somatics  A fun way to achieve fitness, rehabilitation and wellbeing.


A range of treatments is on offer to help improve the body, mind and spirit. Treatment sessions can be used for pure relaxation and de-stressing, while some are ideal for targeting specific physical injuries or illnesses. The most frequently used treatments include:

  • Aromatherapy

  • Manual Lymphatic Massage

  • Reiki

  • Bach Flowers

  • Hivamat.200
    Deep Oscillation Therapy

  • Jane Saunders
    I would highly recommend this programme to everyone because it is where you find out what is stopping you be who you really are which is hugely empowering. I also highly recommend Sheera King as a practitioner of this work.
    Jane Saunders
  • P.H.
    I really enjoy your Tripudio exercise group each week. The range of movement seems very well suited to my present ability. Whilst keeping my mobility going, and using muscle groups that tend to get overlooked in the normal run of daily life, I don't ever feel I've been over-stretched or strained. I love the music and the rhythmic work...even though I get it wrong.....and wobble a lot in the balance work! It's a great group of people....we laugh and work hard together. Being in this group has really enriched my life. Thank you, Sheera! X
  • Pat Haddon
    Thank you, Sheera, for sharing your professional experience and skill with me. You have a large number of therapies at your disposal and an innate Wisdom when deciding which treatment is best suited to the presenting problem. Your lovely, holistic work has been so beneficial to me. Bless you! I love our laughter, our deep conversations and our beautiful silences. I'm deeply grateful to you, Sheera, for all your kindness and gentle support over the last months. I always come away from your treatments with a deep sense of Well-Being.
    Pat Haddon
  • Rosie Jones
    My movement, comfort and pain levels have just been getting better and better since Monday. I haven't felt this good since before my operation. I also ordered and am taking the homoeopathic remedies which I believe are helping too.
    Rosie Jones
  • Jake Birkett
    Sheera is wonderful! I go to see her regularly for an aromatherapy massage to ease my aching muscles and it really helps. She always makes me feel so welcome and I leave feeling very relaxed. Highly recommended.
    Jake Birkett