Sheera King

Women’s Life Coach and Wellbeing Therapist

Reiki Master/Teacher

 “a light to shine upon the road”

William Cowper 1731-1800

Sheera King set up Abundant Wellbeing, in Bridport, at a time when there were very few people or places providing complementary therapies.

Over the past three decades she has become qualified in a range of treatments and is committed to continuous learning and development so that she is always able to offer the highest standard of care.

Complementary therapy has played a big part in my own health and wellbeing, as I suffered from chronic asthma and related complications as a child, which meant I would often spend periods of the winter in hospital.

It wasn’t until I moved to Dorset aged 19 that I discovered a more holistic approach to improving my health, first by looking at allergy testing and then by considering how diet and stress could be impacting upon my overall wellbeing.

After seeing excellent results over a period of months, my interest in complementary therapies was ignited and in 1989 I decided to take a course in reflexology, followed by a qualification in aromatherapy in 1990.

I left my successful, office-based career behind and set up Abundant Wellbeing continuing to expand my knowledge and expertise in Reiki, Flower and Crystal Essences, Bowen and Indian Head Massage.

Sheera can work with the feminine archetypes, exploring the five soft powers.

I learnt about Manual Lymph Drainage through my work as a voluntary Complementary Healthcare Practitioner for Weldmar Hospice Care Trust in 2005.

After seeing how important the treatment is for lymphoedema sufferers, I took two courses in Devon before qualifying in Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy at The Dr Vodder Clinic in Austria and the Casely-Smith Method of Lymphoedema Management at Singleton Hospital in Swansea.

Through my work,  I aim to provide comfort, support and a listening ear.