Special Offers


A therapeutic treatment which combines the unique properties of aromatic essential oils with the nurturing touch of the Aromatherapist through massage. The essential oils are extracted from flowers, trees, fruits, plants and herbs, each having its own particular therapeutic value. This is a deeply relaxing and nurturing treatment. It’s great for relaxing muscles, easing joints, helping to balance the mind and emotions. What a wonderful way to take time out and be kind to yourself and nurturing the essence of you.

Initial Visit 1hr 30mins – £72 | Subsequent visits 1hr – £60 | 30min – £35

Manual Lymphatic Massage

A light pressured and rhythmical massage technique focused on aiding the lymphatic system. The peripheral lymphatic vessels are just under the skin. This gentle technique helps to stimulate the action of these vessels, improving the lymph flow and function of the lymphatic system. A healthy lymphatic system is very important to help detoxify our body and strengthen our immune response. Some of the conditions it’s great for are lymphoedema, oedemas, IBS, sinus problems, headaches and great as part of a cleansing/detoxifying programme.

Initial Visit 1hr 30mins – £75 | Subsequent visits 1hr – £60

Flower Essences

Like aromatherapy, flower essences have an ancient and universal history for promoting wellbeing. But, it was Dr Edward Bach, a medical doctor and homeopath, who formulated a precise system for wellbeing through flower essences, emphasising that we must ‘treat the person, not the disease.’ These essences work to help balance of our thoughts and emotions which in turn releases tension and discomfort from our body. The essences can be used to help us with such things as worry, irritation, grief, lack of confidence and even Monday morning blues. The essences are taken orally by placing a few drops in a glass of water and sipping. They are safe to take along side any other treatments.

Initial and Subsequent Visits 1hr – £57


Reiki is the art of natural healing founded in Japan by Mikao Usui (1865-1926), it is Japanese for Universal Energy. By being able to connect to the energy and allowing it to flow through us, we can utilise it to bring peace and a sense of unity to our body, mind and emotions. Through this deep sense of peace and unity, Reiki strengthens our own inner sense of wellbeing and resources. When this occurs our self-awareness is heightened and we are better able to acknowledge and choose the areas within us to heal. To receive Reiki you lay down fully clothed while the Reiki Practitioner places their hands on or just above your body allowing the energy to flow to you. It is a peaceful experience.

Initial and Subsequent Visits 1hr – £57

Hivamat.200 Deep Oscillation Therapy

Hivamat.200 Deep Oscillation® The special structure of this machine creates oscillations in the treated tissue using electrostatic attraction and friction. The pleasant sensation created by the oscillations has a gentle and deep acting effect on all tissue to an 8 cm depth (through skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels). Good for sports injuries, frozen shoulder, lymphoedema, pain relief, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, reduction of fibrosis and detoxification.

Initial Visit 1hr 30mins – £75 | Subsequent visits 1hr – £60