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Collaboration over Competition: Embracing Your Feminine Spirit

Thursday and Friday, 26th & 27th November 2020

Price: £149

Collaboration is the new paradigm, the way of the feminine spirit that nourishes and sustains our personal and business’s health and wellbeing, and our world. Being in competition mode or call it superwoman, eventually leads to burnout.

What is the workshop about?  It’s about showing you the main disempowering behaviours and why they are harmful to our feminine health and wellbeing. Learn about and work with the Five Soft PowerTypesTM, Warrioress, Lover, Mother, Queen and Sorceress. When they are working in coexistence we are in flow with our true nature, our uniqueness. Learn to be aware when you are not in your true flow and how to bring yourself back into balance.

What are Soft PowerTypesTM?  The Five Women’s Soft PowerTypesTM are aspects of ourselves that we connect to on a daily basis. Learn to recognise and embrace this feminine energy to know what drives your fear and anxieties and what sparks your love and passions.

What are the benefits? Once you know the five Soft PowerTypesTM they become your resources for life. They show us that the masculine paradigm of competition, does not serve us or our world. Along with their learning come other tools and resources to help you stay in flow with who you truly are. Taking the Soft PowerTypesTM profile test shows how you are connecting to these resources on a daily basis. For example, a high score in Mother and low score in Queen could mean the following. A caring and nurturing person, Mother, who puts others needs first and with boundary issues, Queen, feels guilty to say no. So here the work is to strengthen the Queen to support the Mother. This person then stays true to her nature of caring without sacrificing herself and has strong boundaries by having a clear self expression.

What about business? The PowerTypesTM are an effective way to look into your leadership style, whether you lead a team, a family or a business. It is also great for getting clarity on your entrepreneurial style. Do you lead through Queen or Warrioress or by another Soft PowerTypeTM? How do the people around you respond to you?

You are unique. Be passionate about who you are. Learn how to be resilient to disempowering behaviours, emotions and life’s challenges.

I hope to see you.

With love

Sheera xx